Has the global war on terror returned?  Color me skeptical. The Obama administration declares a global man made incident alert, from CBS News:

The terror threat prompting the U.S. government to close nearly two dozen embassies and consulates Sunday is the most specific, credible threat information in years, CBS News senior correspondent John Miller reports.

Intelligence officers have reporting from a reliable source that a major plot is under way and that the team to carry it out has been selected and is in place, Miller reports.

The threat information has been described as the most specific and credible since the foiled plot to blow up British planes en route to the United States in 2006, Miller reports. The specificity ends there.

What authorities don’t have is the date, the timing or the target of the attack, which is why they have taken such an approach to warning potential targets, Miller reports.

Call me old fashioned, but I always thought of specific in terms of who, what, when and where.

Reax, Larry Johnson, No Quarter:

Time to throw the bullshit flag. The Obama Administration, apparently envious of the skill of the Bush Administration in using the threat of terrorism to fuel the fears of citizenry, is out with its own dire warnings and drastic actions.

Now I am just an old retired enlisted man, but it seems to me that the thing to do when you have credible intelligence indicating a pending attack, is to keep your mouth shut and plan an ambush. I   battalion of Marines with air support could decimate an al Qaeda attack. Plus doing so could get Obama elected Pope.