Mrs. Willliam ClintonThe Clintons, B.J. and Mrs. B.J., don’t think much of women, from Oliver Knox, Yahoo:

“Democrats can’t have it both ways when it comes to the treatment of women and they should have the courage to condemn any politician that assaults, harasses, or exploits women,” he continued. “Anthony Weiner’s behavior toward women certainly is no worse than Bill Clinton’s and Democratic candidates lose all credibility preaching about a so-called ‘War on Women’ while standing alongside Bill Clinton to raise money and boost their campaign war chests.”

While the immediate goal is 2014, the overall strategy has the feel of a war game for Hillary Clinton’s potential run for the White House in 2016.

The Weiner isn’t much of man, but unlike his political benefactor, B.J. Clinton, Weiner never raped anybody. Likewise,  Likewise Huma Abedin is just another political opportunist wife, but unlike Mrs. B.J. Clinton, Abedin is not defending a known rapist.   If Weiner is not morally fit to be mayor of New York City, how can Mrs.  Clinton be morally fit to President?    The President should  respect and defend all, not just her husband.

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