The first democratically elected president of Egypt has been deposed by the nation’s military:

CAIRO (Reuters) – Egypt’s armed forces overthrew Islamist President Mohamed Mursi on Wednesday, sparking wild rejoicing in the streets at the prospect of new elections as a range of political leaders backed a new political transition

Mursi was sequestered in a Republican Guard barracks after denouncing a “military coup” that stripped him of power after just a year. As tanks and troops secured the area, tens of thousands of supporters of his Muslim Brotherhood rallied nearby to protest against his removal.

Mursi’s dramatic removal after a year in office as Egypt’s first freely elected president marked another twist in the turmoil that has gripped the Arab world’s most populous country in the two years since the fall of Hosni Mubarak..

It seems President Leads from the rear, b/k/a Barack Obama is not too happy about the recent turn of events.

Reax from Nice Deb:

Obama Deeply Concerned About Removal of Morsi and Suspension of Hated Islamic Constitution – Warns He’ll Cut Off Aid If Morsi Arrested

Obama released a terse statement today, expressing his displeasure with how things are going in Egypt, reiterating his threat to withhold aid if the military doesn’t meet his demands, which includes not arresting Morsi or any of his supporters. Is his Highness afraid of what Morsi might say about his dealings with the White House if interrogated while under arrest? *cough* Benghazi *cough* (yeah, I said it.)

President Bystander voiced his concern that the military suspended the Islamist constitution Morsi rammed down the country’s throats (sound familiar?) over the objections of its liberal, secular, and Christian members. The constitution Obama’s so “deeply concerned” about has been described as the “worst constitution in the whole history of Egypt and the Middle East.”

Quite frankly, I am sure what to make of the coup in Egypt. Are you?

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