Barack Obama as the JokerCall this Wagging the Dog.   The Obama administration has known for a year that Bashar al-Assad has used chemical weapons on his own people.  Evidence, up until now, the Obama administration has seen fit to ignore.    Now. all of a sudden, in the midst of scandals galore, IRS, NSA.  the State Department protection of a pedophile and the debacle in Benghazi, the Obama administration now admits what everyone already know, Assad as gassing his own people, from News and Observer:

President Obama should stand in front of the cameras and give us the evidence and explain his “red line” and what he wants to do about it. He should discuss what intervention would look like, and what might happen, and why an odious Assad government that doesn’t seek to kill Americans (so far as we know) is worse than a Syria under part or total control of extremists who might want to kill Americans. And why the third scenario — “the good rebels option” — has a chance of succeeding.

And if he wants to intervene, he should ask for a congressional vote yea or nay, so all those armchair generals in Congress will have to take a recorded stand on the House and Senate floors, as opposed to their saber rattling on Sunday morning talk shows.

No teleprompters, no surrogates, no talking points, no /Susan Rice, President Obama needs to man up and tell his people why he wants to take his country to war.

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