Back when the Patriot act was passed, we were in a war, and the administration, and for that matter the Congress, at least initially, were unanimous in that declaration. In war, one expects some degree of rights degradation in support of the war effort.

Since then, however, Obama has declared that war to be over. Theyve invested a lot of lives in maintaining that mantra. Yet, the patriot act has been expanded, and radically changed to give the government sweeping and unquestionably unconstitutional powers, despite Candidate Obama’s proclmation that “that’s not who we are”.

I was willing to trust Bush with the Patriot act because he hadn’t used the Justice Dept to harass reporters who dared write outside the mantra of the WH. He hadn’t used the IRS to harass political opposition.

Obama can make no such claims of innocence.  On that basis, the government current chant of “trust us” does nothing to impress me.

When we were at war, we had a plausible reason for the constitutional excesses of the Bush era. Obama lost that excuse when he declared the war over, and sealed his own fate with the justice Dept and IRS and the long list of other abuses.

Its time to hold this government accountable.

And side note to Lindsay Graham.. Shut up. you’re part of the problem America faces, and we would be better off if you crawled back into your hole.

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