Just how stupid does one have to be to write for the New York Times:

DENVER — A Colorado school district discriminated against a transgender first grader when it refused to let her use the girl’s bathroom, the state’s civil rights division has determined, a decision gay and transgender advocates say will have an indelible impact on how such cases are handled in the future.


The dispute over whether Coy [Mathis], 6, should be allowed to use the girls’ bathroom was seen by some as a critical test of how state antidiscrimination laws were applied to transgender students.

Born biologically a boy, Coy began identifying as a girl after just a few years, growing her wispy blond hair long, wearing dresses, and telling family and friends they should refer to her as female.

Coy is a boy.   In what alternative universe does putting a dress on a boy make him into a girl?

Addendum:    Reax, RS McCain:

Real Life Is Not a Reality TV Audition

Maybe you saw the story via Althouse: Colorado officials have ruled that an elementary school was guilty of “discrimination” for not letting Coy Mathis use the girl’s bathroom. Coy is 6 and thinks he’s a girl. The ruling cited “evolving research on transgender development.”

So question if somebody were to hog tie Stacy and make him wear a dress, would it be proper to call her a girl?  Is Coy really transgendered, what ever that may mean, or does merely suffer from a mother who does not know how to dress him?

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