A question I’m hearing of late from a few, as regards the Democrats and the current list of crimes…. (You might call them “scandals”….) is, “How do they get away with so much?”.

It’s a valid question, because what we are currently seeing causes everything else to pale, by comparison, including the greatest presidential scandal in our history…. Nixon.

The comparison is valid for several reasons.  First, because it only took one crime to get Nixon on the rocks…. and a goodly number of Republicans in Congress, along with one very dedicated scandal-monger… one Hillary Clinton. Irony aboounds on that one. Hip deep in the scandal that eclipses the one in the investigation for which, she was famous for demanding what the President knew, and when he knew it.  Of course, on the receiving end, she now whines “What difference does it make?”. That Karma thing is a real mountain, isn’t it?

But, even with that whole thing to the side, the Democrats as a whole, and this administration in particular, seem to be getting away with a great deal more than Nixon ever did.  I think I’ve got that one figured out, at least partially.

There is, in most people the desire to not seem to complain about EVERYTHING… to maintain the image that one is at least fairly reasonable.  In talking with other bloggers of late, I find that this is one reason there hasn’t been a louder attack on Obama and the Democrats. As one friend put it,  “Just about everything these people have done is complaint worthy. Certainly, a good bit of their actions since 2008, taken individually would have created a firestorm, had a conservative or a centrist of either party been in office. ”

True. As I say, it only took one such scandal to bring Nixon down. Then again, he had a press that was willing to go to the ends of the earth to roast his buns, whereas Obama has a press seemingly willing to do the same to protect him.

But look beyond that rather obvious point…. The key here is”Taken individually”.

Certainly the Obami have created such a target rich environment, that its nigh on impossible to cover all the targets presented.. All one can do is react to the bigger issues.  The Obami have been quite successful at getting away with all they’ve done to us, simply because they’re flooding the field with so many transgressions, that most slip through the cracks. Its rather like trying to stop a flood with a limited number of sandbags.

And the sandbags? Inspectors General. Since 2008, Obama has been notably NOT nominating Inspectors General, as the posts have become vacant. So, even if there is a large outcry, which given the press and their leftist slant, seems unlikely at least, it will be nigh on impossible to prosecute.

So much for the most honest and transparent administration in history.

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