obamaheaddownBarrack Obama is the first Chicago machine politician elected to serve as our President, and he should be the last. Chicago politics is all about keeping the political machine in power and could care less about the citizen save from getting his or her vote for the machine, from Steve Hayward, Powerline:

When President Obama nominated Eric Holder for Attorney General, the Republican establishment was not displeased. As I wrote at the time, “most members of that establishment feel more comfortable with their fellow Washington insider than they do with taking their chances on an Obama nominee to be named later.” At Power Line, though, we had major concerns about Holder. Prominent among them was his lack of honesty. For one thing, we doubted Holder’s testimony to the Senate that, when he pushed through the pardon of Marc Rich, he didn’t know Rich had assisted America’s enemies, including Iran, or that Rich’s wife had donated large sums to Democratic and Clinton interests. If Holder truly was as ignorant as he claims to have been, we argued, it was because he didn’t want to know. President Clinton wanted the pardon and Holder wanted to get it accomplished.

Chicago style politics is all about power, getting it, keeping it and abusing it. Nobody better illustrates Obama’s Chicago thug politic than Eric Holder.

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