OK, I know, you’ve been wondering where I’ve been.

Of late, I’ve been in other trucks, since my own has been under repair. For the last 7 weeks, I’ve been out of my truck 6 of them.  That’s a problem because I can’t carry my usual assortment of stuff in a truck I’m not going to be in for an extended period. Including, alas, my computer.

The problem can be traced directly to the EPA… an a ngency responsible for more job losses than any other agenciy within the government, which is saying rather a lot. How can I say that it’s the EPA’s fault? Rather simple, really.

The problem involves the EPA mandated pollution control systems… a mandate which required a super high level of control, and by a date which was impossible to attain.  THe people developing the systems had nowhere near enough time to do decent R&D, and as a direct result the failure rate on the nonsense the government forced them to install is terribly high. The warranty issues have cst Navistar on the order of $172m USD as of the last reference I can find from last July… doubtless it’s gone far higher since.

Unsurprisingly, the engines like the one my truck uses are used outside the US market and run just fine. As such, I won’t count Navistar out of the class 8 market yet.

I’ll keep you posted on my own case..

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