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The Lesson of Boston

I want you to remember something in the days and weeks ahead, as you listen to the back and forth over the bombing at the Marathon in Boston.

Boston, of nothing else, is a lesson of the ineffectiveness of government, particularly as run by liberals. Consider… while Boston was going down, our federal government was watching US. While the bombers were plotting this heinous act, our federal government was trying to disarm US. All the while, of course providing weapons of war to the Muslim Brotherhood, now running Egypt.

Obama now says we’ll hold accountable those responsible…. apparently forgetting his promises to that effect about Benghazi that we are all still waiting on.

Addendum:  (DavidL)

It is  part of my nature to try and pull out positive aspects to horrific situations.   For example on Nine Eleven hundreds of New York City Fire Fighters entered the World Trade center buildings One and Two, knowing full well they would never leave.   As to yesterday, post explosion, save comments by lame brain cable commentators like Miss Chrissy Matthews and a presidential speech given for no apparent reason, I liked what I say.  Volunteers rushed to the site of the explosions to clear the rubble and runners, continued running to the nearest hospital to donate blood    Those in Boston did well, and I salute them.