tsarnaev2The Brothers Tsarnaev appear to have concocted and executed a terror attack on their own. There appears to have little evidence o sophisticated or elaborate planning Rather two Muslim immigrants with went radical. Where haws we seen that scenario before, the Shoe Bomber, Fort Hood? Which would better protect our nation interests a register of all legal gun owners or a register of all Muslims?:

Was Boston a semi-suicide bombing? While the Tsarnaev brothers did not self-detonate themselves, their plan seemed hold little chance of successful evasion and escape.

How many more Muslims do we have to see radicalize before we reject the fiction Islam is a religion of peace? When, if ever, will the Obama administration cease its quest for a Tea Party terrorist and start paying attention is radical Islam?

Where the citizen of metropolitan Boston actually made safer by virtue of having been disarmed? I say no. One teenage nut job on the loose and metropolitan area of several million hides under their collective desks. I am sure glad the Bay States of Lexington and Concord were of better stock.

Just having air dropped a disaster of an anti-Second Amendment bill on the Senate, Dirty Harry Reid is now planning on airdropping an nine hundred page immigration bill on to the Senate Immigration is a national security issued and we need to understand what is in the immigration bill before we vote on it.

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