Perhaps the least surprise of the whole Terrorism is Boston thing, was the spectacle of Obama in his statement following the capture of the second terrorist, telling us how  we should be tolerant of the points of view of others.

th I watched that, and knew he was grabbing at anything that sounded good on the first blush, because tolerant of the points of view of others is the one thing he has not been. Proof? Here’s one point of literally thousands… Consider his reaction to the defeat of the anti-second amendment agenda, the other day if you want to see his tolerance for the other opinion, even when it’s the majority opinion, slip.

(You know, as an aside,  one rather gets the impression that the left views this as a larger failure than that of a gun bill… that they had huge plans, plans they’d not be able to set into motion until such time as guns were out of private hands outright. I’ll have to write something to that point later this week.)

That reaction in the rose garden is striking to me, because, now think… It’d be interesting to see him display that kind of anger when Americans get killed by Muslims, wouldn’t it? We never do.

Obama shot himself in the foot with that Political victory dance over the capture of the second suspect in ways he and his people will never comprehend.  Consider, as I said the other day...

Boston, if nothing else, is a lesson of the ineffectiveness of government, particularly as run by liberals. Consider… while Boston was going down, our federal government was watching US. While the bombers were plotting this heinous act, our federal government was trying to disarm US. All the while, of course providing weapons of war to the Muslim Brotherhood, now running Egypt.

Obama now says we’ll hold accountable those responsible…. apparently forgetting his promises to that effect about Benghazi that we are all still waiting on.

But he told us, both in that speech last night, and by way of the usual back channels to his minions in the press that he was “monitoring at all times” the situation as it unfolded in Boston. Oh, yes, the President is on top of things.  But wait…This from the guy to told us he didn’t have good info about Benghazi, as that situation was going forward. Right? Forgive me if I ask you to pass the salt… the trends here are far too well-established to take what we’re being fed in the matter at face value. Sorry, it just is.

His confused sounding speech, though, is understandable, because it all fell apart on him and his, last night. After being told by his fellow travelers in the press that the acts we saw in Boston were the efforts of the Tea Party, some anti-government extremist group and the GOP, bostonbomber we find out that he was none of that. You may recall I mentioned that he was unlikely to be a White Married Tea Party type carrying a Gadsden Flag. Of course, I called it… not that it was particularly hard to do.  He is in fact, a socialist, a Muslim, and yes, an Obama supporter, according to what we’re seeing from those who know him.

Mark Steyn commented on Friday to that point, saying in part:

  “The wish to immediately turn your political opponents into deranged, nut killers — into enemies of the state — is as psychologically unhealthy as any of the balderdash from these Chechen loons with all their Marxist ideology.”

And I have to say, I cant recall a time, even when I was in the radio business, and in the belly of the beast, if you will,  when the press was quite so willing to label conservative Americans, as the enemy, as our press has done in this last week. When I saw that, I made my prediction that it was nothing like what the left wanted… and I was right.

So, Obama is now forced in that speech last night, to admonish us on respecting the other point of view… including, apparently, the view that we deserve to be blown up because of our being infidels. He’s got to cover his own butt.And the speech was if anything muted… here’s a man walking a political tightrope of his own making.

JHow? By the actions of him and the left, collectively.  While we were strip searching grandmothers looking for terrorists the left untill this week, were claiming with some regularity did not exist, and we being disarmed for our own supposed good, our government was ignoring outright where the problem has always been… Young Muslim males. And the thing is,  the remaining suspect and his now- room- temperature brother, fit all the usual terrorist criteria… everything that the left has been denying.  Now of course, I’m not suggesting that every Muslim is a terrorist, but the pattern for the last number of years is that nearly every terrorist is a Muslim.  It’s all being ignored by our government and the press, all to meet Obama’s political agenda.

And where are the Democrats who object to this nonsense? Where is the press which we were always told was supposed to be holding our elected officials and criminals… all too often the same people… accountable?

Other matters… I keep hearing, from several sources,  about that original “Person of interest”. This was the guy who had an apartment in Revere, MA. The FBI raided the place, items were taken. And suddenly we were told he was simply a possible witness, and then that he wasn’t at all connected to the bombing.  He went from being the prime suspect, to being nobody, nobody at all, and the press seemingly forgot about him.  Now, I hear, he’s being deported for what we were told was Security reasons.  The federal deportation document, a document created and pursued by the National Targeting Center,  makes reference to this person as being deported because of his links to the bombing in Boston. And we’re shipping him out as of Tuesday, as I gather it without so much as a whimper.  Why?

Now, ICE denies this, of course.I guess I’d expect that, since ICE wasn’t directly involved with that order so how the bleep would they even know about it, past what they read in the papers?

I keep hearing that  Michelle Obama visited this person before his deportation. I’ve seen this across several unrelated sources, many of which can’t really stand each other, including one link to the Saudi press, in which the suspect claims they apologized to HIM.. Yeah, everyone we deport gets a visit from Barry and Michelle, right? Sorry, I’m not buying it. The move is extraordinary at least, particularly given the meeting we learned about on Thursday between Obama and Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal.  That situation is going large this week, in everything but the lamestream media, assuming the MSM shows their usual lack of investigative backbone. Clearly, given the “We got him/we aint got him” nonsense that was played out last week in the press and certain corners of the government suggests there were some back room deals going on, even within our own government and not everyone was on board with the mantra. Its reasonable to assume that we appeased the Saudis so as not to embarrass them, by Presidential order.

As I write this, my search engines cough up this link, wherein, I see…

The attempt to cover up a possible Saudi connection to the Boston attack could explain why authorities are scrambling to get their official narrative straight after photos emerged yesterday on the Internet showing numerous suspects carrying large backpacks, some of them middle eastern in appearance and two of the individuals having been almost certainly identified as employees of private military/security firm Craft International.

The FBI had set a press conference for 5pm EST yesterday afternoon but the event was cancelled hours after the photos were seen by millions of people online. The federal agency blamed the media for erroneous reporting, stating, “these stories often have unintended consequences.”

CNN also had to backtrack after they announced that a suspect had been arrested, a report that was subsequently denied by authorities. Reports of a “dark skinned man” being arrested were later mothballed.

According to terrorism expert Steve Emerson, 20-year-old Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi, the Saudi national first suspected of being involved in Monday’s twin bomb attack, is being hastily deported. Alharbi was put under armed guard in hospital after the bombing, was visited by Saudi diplomat Azzam bin Abdel Karim, and later had his apartment raided by federal and state law enforcement agents.

“I just learned from my own sources that he is now going to be deported on national security grounds next Tuesday, which is very unusual,” Emerson told Fox News last night.

The news follows an unscheduled meeting between President Obama and Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal at the White House yesterday afternoon. “The meeting was not on Obama’s public schedule,” reports Reuters.

“That’s very interesting because this is the way things are done with Saudi Arabia. You don’t arrest their citizens. You deport them, because they don’t want them to be embarrassed and that’s the way we appease them,” Emerson told host Sean Hannity.


Mind, I think Alex Jones a nutcase in many respects, but the author here, one Paul Joseph Watson, appears to have his facts in order. Certainly the links are worthwhile.

If correct, it seems fairly likely that even if the federals learn anything from this kid… and I don’t think this likely…. it would be kept under wraps, and not released…. again, so as not to embarrass the Saudis. Where else would the information lead, given what we know of the history of the thing? And again, that assumes the kid knows something, and I’m not convinced he does.

I must say, I applaud the efforts of the Law Enforcement types up there, too. But let’s be honest enough to say that their finding the guy was pure luck, and happenstance, not due to any direct action by police, and happened only after they’d called off the search, publicly. This slime was likely to have been found a few weeks from now when the guy whose boat he was hiding in, took the warps off it for the summer.

Perhaps the biggest irony in all of this…. and it’s largely unreported, apparently by a press  wanting to protect the liberal world of unicorns and pixie dust… The car that was hijacked by the Islamic Terrorists, the one they were tossing the bombs out of at the cops? The one the younger back over his brother in? Yeah, it had this bumper sicker on the trunk lid…


As to the question of what should happen now, I’ll say this… I’ve been quite vocal about what I want to happen to the remaining terrorist creep. I want him cremated, alive and screaming, along with his now dead brother. I want their ashes to be sprinkled into every urinal in Fenway Park.  Fair guy that I am, you see, I want everyone to get a fair shot at them.

Hmmmm… Might even be able to do a nifty little fundraiser that way to help pay the rehab costs of their victims.