For decades now, Bob Woodward has been considered the Dean of investigative journalism. He was successful investigating and bringing down the presidency of Richard Nixon. On that basis, the left has always loved the man.

Now that he’s investigating the Obama White House the left has the Long Knives out for him. I don’t suppose that to be any surprise… But when we have the White House itself threatening said leftie journalistic hero, , it confirms something that I thought early on… There is an underlying understanding on the left that with Obama there’s something there to investigate, and what we are seeing is genuine fear.

The main fear being that the Obama White House, which has always been mindful of its image is seeing its biggest fear realized… Bob Woodward, the Dean of investigative journalism thinks there’s something in the Obama White House that’s worth investigating.

And credible? In the eyes of the left the man is a journalistic god, having demolished the GOP back in the 70s… his liberal bona fides being nigh on unquestionable. It will be hard if not impossible to overcome the public’s perception that there is a “there”, there. And so, Obama’s people now fear that public opinion will eventually bring down this presidency.

Will it? I don’t know. Certainly there’s been a great deal of damage done these past few days… not least of which by the White House itself and their reactions to Woodward.

Indeed, this is perhaps the most damaging point of all so far. We’ve been saying that this White House is thugish it’s approach to just about everything, reminding one of Hither, Stalin, Castro, and every other socialist despot in history. With these recent threats on the table it will be harder for the Obama White House to overcome that argument.

Will it be enough? Stay tuned.

Addendum I: Apparently, Lanny Davis was threatened as well. Only one quibble with the story is that Lanny Davis is no “centrist”.. of anything.

The Avalanche has started.

And here’s an interesting point I thought to post here earlier this morning… I noticed nobody calling Woodward a liar. I note that again in the Davis piece in the DC. They’re not attacking these people because they’re lying. They’re attacking them because they’re telling the truth.

Addendum II: (DavidL)   I do not argue with what Eric wrote.  He did describe Woodward as an iconic figure for leftarded journalists.   However Woodward’s credibility leaves much to be desired.   Woodward attributed his Watergate reporting a largely fictitious Deep Throat and claims to interviewed Bob Casey at time when Casey was dead.

On the other side, I do intend to breakout the hot buttered popcorn image, and enjoy the spectator sport of lefticide.  It should prove amusing.

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