Professor Althouse does not think appropriate to mock FLOTUS, Fat Lady of the United State, b/k/a Michelle “Moochelle: Obama for being a fat hippocrite.

Now, the obvious answer would seem to be that she’s made childhood obesity her issue, so that’s somehow asking for comment on the subject of whether she herself is at all fat. (I disagree with that sort of critique, by the way. She’s made the subject obesity and how it affects health, not mere fatness and how it affects beauty. For her issue, it’s fine that she doesn’t come across as thin. She looks robust and not health-impaired. If she looked thin, people would say she’s pushing vanity-based dieting and insufficiently concerned with the scourge of anorexia.)

Mrs. Obama has deemed herself an authority, the national authority perhaps,  on diet and exercise. It is quite evident that whatever diet and exercise regiment Mrs. Obama is on is that it is not working. It is long past time for Mrs. Obama to get her nose out of how other people eat and exercise and get herself into shape first.

I did not make Moochelle fat.  Nor did I tell her to meddle in other people’s diet and exercise regiments.  What ever misery Mrs. Obama is in, it is entirely self-inflicted.