Evidently Chuckles, b/k/a Charles Schumer has no plan to ever seek honest employment, from Professor Althouse:

Chuck Schumer tells Cory Booker: “Frank deserves the time and respect to make his own decisions.”

Let the 89-year-old Senator Frank R. Lautenberg decide when it’s time to yield to the younger generation, the Dems are saying to the 43-year-old Newark mayor. They’re saying that publicly anyway. I’m sure nobody wants to get caught

Even the Pope had the good sense to know when to retire. Then Popes have to show up for their day jobs. Not so a senator. The Senate has been blessed with a few senators in their nineties recently. Whether senators like the late Sheets Byrd or Strom Thurmond even remembered what states they were representing is an all together different matter.

Evidently according to Chuckles, while Lautenberg is somehow entitled to respect, the poor voters in New Jersey not not entitled to a senator not in his dotage.