Thought 1:
Democrats across the country have been busy crafting legislation to make marijuana legal. The stated reason for this change is the government banning of things doesn’t work and generally has the opposite of the desired effect. That argument points to… not without some reason… the batting of alcohol in the thirties and how well that worked. Yep the same Democrats screaming about banning guns. I must admit some confusion here if banning drugs and booze didn’t work, what in the world makes them think that banning guns will? Maybe they just want you to think it will?


Perhaps I think it’s easier to keep the people cowed when they are both unarmed and blasted out of their minds?

Thought 2:

The biggest indication that Democrats are not interested in cutting spending and staying within budget is when they didn’t produce a budget for 3 years. Going on four, now. They’re pushing us closer and closer to bankruptcy and I have long since suspected that’s precisely what they intend to do. Think… at every opportunity the Democrats in congress and the White House of the federal government have gone the wrong direction. Ever single time. You don’t get that kind of consistency without 2 things going for you… talent and intent.  They know what they’re doing and they’re going according to plan.

Thought 3:

Can any sane person look at the pictures of Obama vacationing in Hawaii following raising our taxes in and seriously contend that he gives a bleep about any of us?

Thought 4:

Our current fiscal situation was directly caused by decades of compromise. We are at and over the fiscal cliff because we compromised. Does anyone really believe that more compromise is ever going to solve the situation? Based on the congressional GOP critter voting records recently, they do.

Thought 5:
Its time now for conservatives to abandon the GOP… AS THEY ABANDONED US, decades ago. Seriously, think about this….  Bob Dole?  Both Bushes?  John McCain? The GOP calling these conservatives doesn’t cover up their record on things… The fact is that these are nothing more than centrists. I would certainly add the current house speaker to that list. These are no conservatives.

And what happens when real conservatives show up in the GOP? Ask Sarah Palin. Ask Herman Cain. Ask JD Hayworth. I could list a great deal more people but you get the idea.

It’s time for conservatives to admit that the GOP is not our friend…. And to act accordingly.

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One Response to “Thoughts for Today”

  1. The liberal[ establishment does not want to ban guns.  They want to confiscate your guns, see Mario Jr.  However they want to keep theirs, see Diane Feinswine, Chuckles Schumer and Dumbo Obama.  Has President Fifty Seven States ever proposed disarming the Secret Service?.

    Free men are free to carry arms wherever the they may travel.  Serfs are not.  Are we to a nation of free citizens or just a collection of serfs?