Lance Armstrong is a liar, but being a liar is not Armstrong’s problem. His problem is his last name.  If Armstrong were but named Clinton, he would be feted as hero, from Ace:

Lance Armstrong’s Lies Excorciated by Media That Still Maintains Dan Rather Maybe Told the Truth and Bill Clinton Didn’t Do Anything So Bad

There’s no doubt that Lance Armstrong lied a bit. But, as a thousand liberals told me in 1998, once you’ve committed to cheating you’ve also committed to lying about it, so what’s the big deal?

Armstrong cjeeat fpr wjat seven and nobody could figure it out.    If one student cheats, he has a problem.  If the whole class cheats, the teacher has a problem.   If the entire school cheats, the principle4 has a problem.

Addendum:   How do you tell when Clinton is lying?   When their lips move.   Armstrong may be a Clint9n yet, from
ABC News:

Lance Armstrong may have lied to Oprah Winfrey during his so-called confession Thursday night about his doping during the Tour de France bicycle race, investigators told ABC News today.

Armstrong haw strong future in politics.