Chris Christie is  just a fat version of John McCain without the war record or Colin Powell without the sun tan.  Christie has learned the McCain rule.  The surest way for a pretend  republican to get fawning media coverage is to attack a real republican or conservative, from Melissa Hayes, North Jersey:

Governor Christie called the National Rifle Association’s ad criticizing President Obama’s daughters’ security detail “reprehensible.”

“I think any of us who are public figures, you see that kind of ad and you cringe,” he said.

Christie said Obama’s daughters have no say over whether they have a security detail, nor do his children.

“I’m a father who is a public figure, who has four children and my children had no choice realistically in what I decided to do with my career and what affect that has had on their lives,” Christie said at a State House news conference.

President Two Face, a/k/a President Fifty Seven State, b/k/a  Barack Obama, uses children as political props, and Christie has his back.  Obama thinks that his children deserve armed guards but y0ur children should be sentenced to a gun-free safety zones.  What say you?