Mayor Dumberg keeps making an ass out of himself.  When Da Mayor does not trust his subjects with either large sodas or small handguns,l his supposed health department is distributing drug kits and condoms, from Daily Caller:

A Bronx health clinic is promoting its services with a new video featuring Santa Claus distributing free needles and condoms.

CitiWide Harm Reduction (CitiWide) posted the video, titled “Santa Passes Out Clean Needles for Christmas,” on its website for the holiday season.

The video features not only Santa, but also clinic workers dressed like elves dancing to José Feliciano’s “Feliz Navidad” with various needles, drug kits and condoms

This might be alright if the Da Mayor has banned over sized syringes.   Seriously  it takes on sick puppy to believed that is better to shot up heroin than to drink a soda.   New York, get this fool out of office.