Some current polling, and what it means as regards the election… and it’s an angle I see nobody else exploring.

The poll in question is pointed to by Dan Halper, over at The Weekly Standard… and their shocking ignorance of what the poll says about the candidate Kristol and company backed, speaks volumes.

A new poll conducted by Politico/GWU/Battleground finds that 76 percent of Americans favor “Cutting government spending across the board.”

Fifty-nine percent of Americans registered to vote strongly favor the “across the board” cuts and 17 percent “somewhat” favor the cuts. Only 13 percent strongly oppose “across the board” spending cuts, and 10 percent “somewhat” oppose the cuts. Two percent are unsure.

Eric Florack

The obvious issue with these numbers, is that they fly in the face of the recent election. Are we realy to believe that the same people who voted in a dyed in the wool socialist, who ran a campaign on his dramatically increased government spending, did so because they wanted to see spending cuts across the board?

If we assume, (and we must, for the moment) that both the polling and the election results are both valid and free of fraud, then there’s got to be another reason for the obvious disparity between the election results and the polling data.

The most obvious, is exactly the one I suggested a few weeks ago… and it’s a conclusion that Kristol and Barnes won’t like very much, I fear… and its one I’ve already pointed out… most recently when I reposted my complaints about Romney….

Remember, I said just the other day:

First, Obama won with a smaller number of voters than in 08. Indeed, Romney got fewer voters than McCain. Now, that should be no shock, since Romney, back in 08 was considered to be less conservative than McCain, himself being no conservative. That perception among conservative voters hasn’t changed with the passage of 4 years.

Clearly, the electorate of 2012 felt they had nobody to vote for. The problems with Romney as I list her in this bit from 2011, I more than suspect as being in the minds of conservative voters as they sat on their hands in even larger numbers in 2012 than they did in 2008. Had the GOP leadership heeded my call, we’d not have four more years of the Obama made disaster… a disaster I fear we may never fully recover from. The leadership of the GOP is unresponsive to the point of urgent need of finding replacement for the lot of them. It’s time to do that now. And yes, that means with the Tea Party folks. Because alas, I see no real conservatives elsewhere.

Conservatives sitting on their hands in large numbers in the last election is the only way to explain all of this. Yet, it’s the one conclusion the denizens of The Weekly Standard dare not draw, because it is they and people like them who have been urging us toward the mythical political center…. and who have been active in pushing out all vestages of real conservatism.

The people…as a whole are far more conservative than the offerings of the GOP and the consultant class driving them, have been offering. And its time this factor was taken seriously, and as a prime motivator in choosing candidates. Failure to seek out and promote real conservatives, not centrists, means only one outcome…The GOP will not win another election.


Bill and Fred; Are you listening, yet?