Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 8, fizzles. The new version is a no starter, from Useless Toady:

6:29PM EST November 13. 2012 – The firing of Microsoft executive Steven Sinofsky, just 15 days after the launch of Windows 8, raises questions about whether there will be a return of the traditional Windows Start Menu.

I am just getting the hang of 7.   One new operating system per decade is just fine by me.

2 Responses to “Windows 8 is a No “Start””

  1. Wow… I honestly had no idea Windows 8 had launched!  I suppose I would have noticed if Windows 8 were running for public office… At least I would have heard all about how my MacBook Pro voted for bad things and took money from lobbyists and has a warped perspective on important issues.

    3 years on Mac. No regrets.


  1. Kalee Cane