Twenty-three Years? Already?

Gee, she does look happy, doesn’t she?

Indeed. I couldn’t let this day pass without a comment on my own. My wife says on her site:

Twenty-three years ago today I married my best friend.

And yes, it’s been like that. Which is not to say we’ve not had some issues over the years… and most certainly she got a lot she didn’t really sign on for… most recently this driving job I have now, and as she says, the separation that it brings. It affects us both, but I suppose it does make us stronger.

I got her this T-shirt some weeks ago.


She objected, because I think she took it the wrong way. Every woman wants to be soft and very much the woman… and D certainly is that, as I told her. But there’s more than one kind of tough. It’s like Billy Joel wrote a few years ago:

It’s all about soul
It’s all about faith and a deeper devotion
It’s all about soul
‘Cause under the love is a stronger emotion
She’s got to be strong
‘Cause so many things getting out of control
Should drive her away, so why does she stay?
It’s all about soul

She turns to me sometimes
and she asks me what I’m dreaming
And I realize I must have gone a million miles away
And I ask her how she knew to reach out for me at that moment
And she smiles because it’s understood there are no words to say

It’s all about soul
It’s all about knowing what someone is feeling
The woman’s got soul
The power of love and the power of healing
This life isn’t fair
It’s gonna get dark, it’s gonna get cold
You’ve got to get tough, but that ain’t enough
It’s all about soul

It’s all about soul
It’s all about joy that comes out of sorrow
It’s all about soul
Who’s standing now and who’s standing tomorrow
You’ve got to be hard
As hard as the rock in that old rock’n’roll
But that’s only part, you know in your heart
It’s all about soul

Joel nails it, here. In ways, I think he wasn’t even aware of. It does take a toughness…a resolve… a commitment…  to get through some of the times of our lives without running off, and abandoning the relationships we have, for whatever problems within them.  I saw that kind of relationship crumble first hand on a few occasions, in my life.   But in the end, I married a tough one.  And she’s stayed.

So Happy Anniversary, Baby.
Hey… what are you doing the next 100 years, or so?