The Reverend Jesse Jackson seems to think that blacks deserve extra credit for extra voting, from CBS Chicago:

CHICAGO (STMW) – The Rev. Jesse Jackson on Saturday said that President Obama’s reelection was “a great victory,” but that it would be incomplete with a reconstruction of urban America and an investment in the communities where the blacks who voted overwhelmingly for the president live.

“We’re happy and full of pride,” in the president’s reelection, Jackson told the crowd at the Saturday morning forum at Rainbow/PUSH headquarters, 930 E. 50th St., “but our houses remain raggedy … our schools remain closed.”

No Jesse you don’t deserve extra credit for extra voting. You, blacks live on your democrat plantations with your fatherless families, black on black crime, government sponsorship of killing unborn black babies and schools that do not teach. Mr. Jackson, for your safety, it might behoove you to move to Afghanistan, a far safer place than Mayor Emanuel’s gun free, and crime ridden Chicago.    Your status  quo stinks and you voted for it.   Live with it, sucker.

If you plantation slaves want your master to take your demands seriously, the master have to believe that you, and your fellow plantation slaves, will not continue to blindly follow them. Mitt Romney proposed letting people have jobs. You settled for food stamps. Take your food stamps, shuffle black to your plantation and stay quite until your masters summons you.

The whites voters in Ohio are fickle.    So the Obama administration pandered to them.   Jesse, you best stick to shining y9ur master’s boots.

If anybody wants to start a fund to send Jesse back to Africa, count me in for a buck.


To be perfectly clear, imagine a world with neither a Jesse Jackson, Senior or Junior, via Ed Morrissey, Hot Air:

Jackson, Jr., the son of civil rights activist Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr., and husband to Chicago Alderman Sandi Jackson, has not yet pleaded guilty to alleged misuse of campaign funds to decorate his house and purchase a $40,000 Rolex watch for a female friend. But CBS Chicago reports the congressman’s lawyer, white-collar criminal defense attorney Dan Webb, is negotiating with the federal government a plea bargain that will likely be reached by year’s end.

Look at the bright side, if JJ, Jr can will re-election from the Mayo Clinic, he can win election for a federal pen.