News flash  to the Obamatards, since the blood supply was cleaned up, normal people have not been at risk for AIDS,   The disease inflicts those stupid people, for reason or reasons unknown, chose to adopt risky and stupid lifestyles, from Los  Angelos Times:

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force is calling for doctors to test most people ages 15 to 64, whether they fall in high-risk groups or not, for HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. I see only one thing wrong with this proposal: We should have started doing it years ago. Decades ago.


For a long time, society’s distaste for the factors most commonly associated with infection — sex among gay males, sex with multiple partners and intravenous drug use — kept people from seeking out testing, fearing they would be seen as immoral. Doctors didn’t dare even suggest it in many cases.

Time to get over that.

Get over our aversion to perversion?    AIDS is a very easy disease to prevent, which why normal people are not worried about a disease they do not have and will never get.    Get over trying to scare healthy people into thinking they are sick and quit promoting behaviors that vector HIV.   If you are not at risk for HIV, you have no need for HIV testing.