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Sluts for Obama

A recent campaign ad from the brain behind the Obama campaign, video:

Hat tip and reax: Anne Sorock:  Legal Insurrection [1]:

The Atlantic published a piece by Connor Simpson ridiculing conservatives’ reaction [2] to the Obama Virgin Voting ad [3] by pointing out that it is conservative old white men who are “outraged.”

Simpson posted screen shots from four white men, linked a few other white men, and proceeded to write an entire article about the collective outrage of old white men [4]:

I did not introduce the subject of Lena Dunham’s sexual appeal, or utter lack thereof.   However as the subject has been thrust into the arena, I will respond.

Funny, I am old, white and male. Dunham neither gets me hot, nor bothered. She might if she were but cute, looked like a girl, had some personality or wit. Alas, Dunham is zero for four. Rather she looks like she auditioning for the next revival of Peter Pan.

Tomorrows campaign video, Ramming it in for Romney/Ryan

Addendum. Steven Crowder takes Dunham’s political  virginity,   As Rhett Butler might have said, “Lena you need to mocked by a man, and by a man who knows how” video:


Hat tip: American Spectator [5].