I will write a more detailed response later this week. As it happens I’m preparing to leave for Connecticut. But I did want to pass along a couple of first impressions.

That Obama sounded better last night than he did in the first debate is beyond question. Trouble is the only got it half done. Sort of like the last three and a half years.

Obama has had near on forty five months now of sky high unemployment, sky high fuel prices, higher taxes, increased dependency on government domestically and a demonstrably failed foreign policy. Those milestones Governor Romney turned into millstones around Obama’s neck as the nation watched.

Obama is far younger, and yet looked far older last night. Worn out. Except for that, it was like watching a conversation between a father and son. The Son’s already wrecked two cars, and is asking for the keys to dad’s prised Ferrari.

Last nights debate showed clearly that Obama’s biggest problem, is Obama’s record of failure. Add one more failure to the pile, Obama has failed last night in the succeeding in convincing anyone that the last four years of failures we’re not totally his fault, and that he deserves another four years in that position of trust.

Governor Romney continued to hammer Obama on his record of failure, and rightfully so. Obama, Obama started out with a veto proof majority. Obama had an advantage very few presidents of head over the years, and he still didn’t get the job done.

Obama kept hammering Romney, meantime about tax cuts. 1 could wish that the governor has responded…” That’s right, Mr. President, when I’m elected I will cut taxes. It’s not your money.”

That quibble aside,  Romney did exactly what he needed to do to obliterate the Obama myth, despite the rather obvious bias of Candy Crowley, who to the surprise of no one, provided Obama with nine percent more time to make his arguments.

Interesting that even with this advantage Obama failed so miserably. In the debate last night, just as with his presidency, despite all the advantages provided, he couldn’t get the job done.