The various speeches, (Particularly that of Marco Rubio, and Paul Ryan) and the appearance by Clint Eastwood, where right on target.the success of the speakers can be measured directly by the amount of screaming coming from the far left. I thought Eastwood, particularly good.

Here’s the Eastwood bit;

Not only do I think it was brilliantly done, there’s a deeper reason I approve of Eastwood’s appearance: For many generations now, the democrats have been using the Stalinist tactic of derision against it’s enemies… the Free Marketers, the Republicans, the Tea Party, Reagan… in fact anyone to the right of Fidel Castro.. What we saw in Eastwood’s performance is that same tactic turned against them.  Which is precisely why they’re screaming so loudly about it today.

The rest were close enough to target to not quibble with them overmuch at least insofar as what they actually said.  The Republicans for the most part, did what they needed to do.

My complaint with the Republican Convention is what was not said:  They didn’t correctly identify the problem we as a nation and a culture face with the current occupant of the White House. It’s something apparently, the GOP establishment has decided not to talk about.  Their reasons are at best unclear but apparently they think the truth this reveals to be to dark for most Americans to comprehend.

If you’ve been successful, you didn’t get there on your own. …  I’m always struck by people who think, “Wow, it must be because I was just so smart” — there are a lot of smart people out there.  “It must be because I worked harder than everybody else” — let me tell you something, there are a whole bunch of hardworking people out there.

If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help.  There was a great teacher somewhere in your life….  Somebody invested in roads and bridges — if you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that.  Somebody else made that happen.  The internet didn’t get invented on its own.  Government research created the internet so that all the companies could make money off the internet.

This line of thought as expressed by Barrack Obama, is in fact at attack on private property. Daren Jonescu says this about as well as anyone, over at American Thinker:

As for the first paragraph, Obama’s point is clear, and the hateful straw-man mockery of his tone drives it home: any practically successful person who is proud of his achievement is a fool, for in truth, something other than his own intelligence and effort is responsible for his success.  The identity of that “something,” as if we couldn’t guess, is spelled out in the subsequent paragraph.  Government is the provider, the facilitator, the ultimate source of all individual success.  Thus, government has a legitimate (and seemingly unlimited) claim on the results of individual success.

The upshot of all this for the question of property is undeniable: private property is an illusion, the selfish fantasy of those who ignorantly believe that their possessions are the earned fruit of their labor.  Your prosperity is the product not of your effort and skill, but rather of the general social conditions in which it was achieved.  The public roads, the public education system, and other government projects which form the common background of practical existence obviate any inviolable claim you might make on anything you have acquired against that background.  You owe your wealth to society, because “somebody else” (i.e., government) made it happen.

There is something about Americans, and you can call it good, or you can call it bad as you will, that wants to believe that its leaders are pro American.  That they want us to succeed uniformly.  That they want to expand our influence in the world, that they want to expand our economic well being, and so on.  Mark Twain used to say that it is easier to fool someone, then it is to convince someone that they’ve been fooled.
So it is with Obama.  When you hear that clip played (as it has been repeatedly on Limbaugh’s program  and many others)When you’re hearing is the year are against, what it is is a statement of ideology.  Granted, most likely an inadvertent one.  Obama very seldom what’s the truth slip, if he can help it.

Underneath this statement by Obama is the underlying belief that if you didn’t tell that you don’t have a claim to it… that government is the one with the rightful claim to your property.  This is nothing more and nothing less than a socialistic Marxist attack on private property, and individualism. Obama believes in the collective, not in the individual.


Note again, his quote that the free Market doesn’t work and never has.

 What the Republicans didn’t tell you from the stage at the convention in Tampa, the horrible truth here, is that  every single indicator reports to us in earth shrinkingly loud tones that Obama does not like America, does not want her to succeed, and in fact wants her to simply become a another 3rd world  world country. One that is easier for the one world government to control . Obama, along with the remainder of the communist movement, believes that Capitalism is evil, and  private property is theft.  It’s really that simple.
So, when Obama says what he says in the quote above, what he’s really saying is that you don’t have any right to what you’ve created.  The government does, the collective does.
I grant you, that this is most people’s vision of America, reversed.  It’s that transition, that shock, which the GOP apparently believes to be too much for the American people to swallow.  Yet, it is the unvarnished truth.
The whole of the Republican national convention, seems to have been focused around the idea that Obama is a nice guy, but incompetent to the task.  Certainly, this is the soft sell.
The facts of the matter are far more dire… that Obama is anything but incompetent.  He has been all too successful at implementing policies to reflect his socialist Marxist views.  As Ive been saying in these pages for years, now…  Since being immaculated as Rush calls it, Obama has done  everything wrong. Everything he’s done…. 100%, right down the line…. has been an abject failure.  But that’s only if and I say again only if, we define success as a booming economy and an America that is strong and free,  and respects the rights of the individual first. I dare to submit, that one does not get to that level of consistency without both talent, and intent.  It’s time to give up this myth of Obama incompetence. He knows damned good and well what he’s doing… and he’s doing as he intends. It’s time for reality, here.  The only logical conclusion to draw is that he and his backers, including George Soros, intend nothing less than a diminished America…. destroyed as such, and rebuilt as another Banana Republic.  And who can suggest (at least backed with actual facts and figures) that he has not done precisely this, regardless of by  intent or not?
I find myself more than a little bit disappointed that these facts did not come out as a part of the convention.  I certainly understand why that is, because the backlash from the exposure to the shock of the real truth is probably not going to do much for the electoral  aspirations of the Republicans.  I worry about what that says about the average voter, but there it is.