The Obama administration continues to invoke the B.J. Clinton defense, to wit outright lying.   B.J. wished the nation to believe that getting a Lewinsky, that is oral sex, from Monica Lewinsky was not sex, because B.J. said it was not sex.

Like wise, Jack Lew, Chief of Staff for  Dumbo  b/k/a Barack Obama, wants you to believe that Obama Tax, a/k/a Obama Care, a/k/a  Affordable Care Act, is not a tax because the Obami has said it not a tax,  video:

Hat tip video: Karen, the Lonely Conservative.

If you step in dog poop, you can pretend is just a candy bar dropped on the sidewalk.  Yet it still smells like poo.   Likewise the Obami can pretend that Obama  Tax is not a tax, but still means less money in your pocket, and more in the control of the state.   The Obami say that the Obama Tax is not a tax.   Yet it hires not one new doctor, the people who actually treat the six, but does hire several hundred new IRS agents, people who do not treat the sick but rather take the People’s money.

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