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I Knew Ronnie, And Jeb, You are No Reagan

A one, two punch to the political jaw of one Jeb Bush.

First up, Anne Sorock,  Legal Insurrection [1]:

Jeb Bush’s definition of Reagan’s brand as one of “finding accommodation” and “common ground” is akin to summing up the Founding Fathers as rabble-rousers who really disliked taxes. He missed the essence of what Reagan provided for Americans

Reagan was more than a charismatic tax-cutter; he was an insurrectionist within the Republican Party, just as the Tea Party movement is in today’s establishment. In 1976, Reagan challenged Gerald Ford for the Republican nomination, and in 1980 he defeated the establishment candidate, George H. W. Bush, who later joined him on the ticket. His 1980 platform called for a return of the citizen activist; in doing so Reagan challenged the political establishment mentality, primarily by returning to this model of the servant-leader.

Second, Karen, the Lonely Conservative: [2]

One of President Reagan’s most famous lines was spoken twenty-five years ago today at the Brandenberg Gate. “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”  How many of you knew that most of his top advisers wanted the line left out of his speech?


What say you, Mr. Bush”