South Plainfield,NJ== I started last night, to get a jump on several things, including a freak snowstorm currently screwing up traffic in western NY. I’ve started cleaning up my truck for the summer. It’s already starting to pay off. It’s already looking pretty good, though with the snow this week, I’ll have some catch up to do, I suppose.  It’s a lot of work…. but I consider it part of the job. First, because I like driving something that looks good, and secondly because DOT tends to look favorably on trucks that look like they’re well kept. Apparently they figure looks are not deceiving.

  • I note with interest that the Democrat war on women continues apace and fairly well unreported.  Save one source. 
  • Obama Scandals: I’ve spent much of this morning listening to the hearings Darryl Issa is running on the GSA scandal. I find it interesting that so many that are directly implicated in the scandal are people who worked on the Obama transition team.  In other words, these were positions within the GSA that were granted on a political, not a functional basis.  And this of course would include Jeff Neely who was the region nine commissioner and acting administrator .  He’s currently on administrative leave, which means he still getting paid for not doing his job.

    Jeff Neely, ex of the GSA

    NEELY: Chairman, on the advice of counsel, I respectfully decline to answer based upon my Fifth Amendment constitutional privilege.ISSSA: Mr. Neely, did you attend the 2010 Western Regional Conference in Las Vegas?

    NEELY: Mr. Chairman, on the advice of my counsel, I respectfully decline to answer based upon my Fifth Amendment constitutional privilege.

    ISSSA: Mr. Neely, did you approve the funding for the 2010 Western Regional Conference?

    NEELY: Mr. Chairman, on the advice of my counsel, I respectfully decline to answer based upon my Fifth Amendment constitutional privilege.

    ISSSA: Just a few more. Mr. Neely, what was the original budget for that conference?

    NEELY: Mr. Chairman, on the advice of my counsel I respectfully decline to answer based upon my Fifth Amendment constitutional privilege.

    The other people that Mr. Issa has brought up to testify, are all Obama a political appointees. Every Single one. The reason they were brought forward? Because they were directly responsible for the scandalous spending going on. of course the reactions of those GSA officials who are being removed from office and um…. well, fired are somewhat incredible.  They didn’t know taxpayers would be paying for those Las Vegas parties.

    Cleanup has started already. Will look really good in a few weeks. The tanks are next.

    Frankly, I wonder if it isn’t just a case of you surprised that anyone actually cared.  It does strike me, that we have an awful lot of people who are straining to afford generic brands cereal for breakfast and forking over tax dollars so these morons can enjoy $45.00 breakfasts.  Etc., etc..  That they wonder why the electorate is annoyed, that they wonder why government has lost the trust of the people, is about as damning a piece of evidence as one can find for how to the touch big government Democrats are.

  • More Obama Scandals: I’ve also been watching with interest the Obama scandal in Columbia. Apparently so too, has Mark Steyn:

    Mark Steyn

    Britain’s Daily Mail, demonstrating a greater interest in the story than the court eunuchs of the Obamamedia, provides some pictures of the hotel accommodations these guys were enjoying while they “scouted security for the President’s visit”.We have a dependency culture from top to toe. Forty-five million Americans are on food stamps. The “public servants” manning the government that hands out the food stamps are themselves on Vegas hot-tub stamps, beach-resort stamps, Colombian hooker stamps, third-of-a-century retirement stamps…A few more years of this, and it won’t be necessary to go to Cartagena: it’ll be Latin America at home, too.

    First of all, I refuse to believe that the only people involved here were Secret Service. Forgive me, but it doesn’t make a great deal of sense to me that the Secret Service wouldn’t be better at getting… well….  serviced in secret.  Seems to me this level of screwup requires Democrat involvement… Apparently, Chuck Grassley thinks the same.  Secondly and just as important,  Steyn’s comment is absolutely correct, of course, and Steyn has been brilliant through this. But notice were all this corruption is coming from; Obama and his supporters. People who have government jobs as a political payoff for supporting him in his first election. Obama has been trying to keep this contained , the reporting on these scandals, and has been sparing no effort to that end. But now let’s do a comparison, shall we? These transgressions are relatively innocuous. At least, as compared to, shall we say, Fast and Furious? If we have to work so hard at getting the truth on these smaller items, where no deaths occurred because of the malfeasance of the Obami, does anyone truly believe that we’re going to get to the bottom of Fast and Furious?

    I’m going to point something else out to you. It was exactly this kind of malfeasance, and the lack of connection with the people that were being governed, that caused our original revolution. Ponder again, what I said Saturday:

    Just ask yourself; why would a group of people who demonstrably are after all the power that they can get within our government to direct our lives and our fortunes, be interested in disarming us? Logic dictates that we surmise that they want to do that for the same reason that every other dictator in history as wanted to do that. Solidification of power.

    And as I said then, the question is, what gets done about it?

  • Obama’s crushing healthcare policies: The doctors are starting to feel it… and more, they’re actually saying something.
  • Voter ID laws: And there’s a new surveyout that suggests that the vast majority of Americans believe that voter ID laws are necessary to stop voter fraud.  They also tend to believe, from what I’ve seen of other reports, and in conversation, that the Democrats believe voter fraud is their path to power.  Is there anyone who believes given the unpopularity of our current administration and its handling of our government and it’s infringement our rights, that they could win reelection absent voter fraud?Indeed, John McCain’s folks figured that they had evidence of voter fraud that cost them the election, and said nothing about it for fear of the civil unrest that would certainly ensue.

    What we do know is this: First, that people in the McCain campaign thought they had evidence of election tampering that cost McCain the election. Second, that McCain thought it best for the country to do nothing about it, in part because of fears of mob violence.
    America is coasting along a slippery surface, and small concessions to the mob can resonate in ways we can’t predict. In seven months, we have a chance to reverse the mistakes of 2008, even if only to stand up to the mob this time. . . .

    If you are sitting on the couch on Election Day watching it on TV, if you are at work instead of not using available leave, if you aren’t inside the polls on Election Day to prevent the mess of 2008 from repeating, you aren’t doing enough. If not 2012, when?

    The answer is …never. Ask the people now dealing with Hugo Chavez.

  • CAT coming back, but…. Yes, CAT is making a comeback. But let’s remember that it was too much government that got them into problems in the first place. The EPA, for example.
  • Rats Jumping Ship: There’s been a huge drop off of late in large donors to the Obama campaign.  Even some Democrats senators are starting to question whether not they’ll actually vote for Obama. Obama got himself booed in normally far leftist Boston the other day.  I’ve been saying right along, that this next election is going to come down to whether are not Obama acts stupidly enough to make Mitt Romney look good.  At the moment, that appears to be happening.  The question is whether not that momentum will continue between now and November.  Given everything else Obama has done has blown up in his face, it seems a reasonable bet.  Granted that the differences are only marginal between them, but frankly Mickey Mouse has more creds at this point.
  • Taxes: The Atlantic… who has never been shy about the promotion of big government, suggested the other day that “Taxes are what we pay in a civilized society”.  Which of course is demonstrably false…. Civilization predates government by centuries.  It does demonstrate the kind of thinking that we’re up against in today’s media.