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Nightly Ramble 4-3-12

I’m about to get into bed, to rest up for a trip into New York city in the morning…. about 3 o’clock in the morning.

I’m trying a new method of posting from my phone. I hope it works because it’s often enough but I haven’t been able to connect from my laptop to be an annoyance. My phone is always connected to the internet, but it’s a pain in the back side to type on.

I’m looking forward to this weekend, where I will be doing some recruiting for the company that I work for. Myself and one other driver will have our trucks all spiffed up and ready to go come saturday morning. The idea being to make a good impression on the driving students who are prospective employees.


My truck is really dirty at the moment as you see. But I’m saving the truck wash until the end of the week so that I look good saturday morning.

I’m listening to what election news is coming up on the radio from WBAL, the big talker in Baltimore. And nothing is going on there that I haven’t predicted. Why should anybody be surprised Romney has managed to win the nod from what’s left of the GOP in one of the most liberal states in the nation?

I will have to check this, but I believe that Maryland was a close call even in the landslide election of Ronald Reagan. Given some of the politics coming out of that place lately nothing should surprise anyone. It’s starting to look like California east. Yep time of the voters there seem to feel Romney is their boy. Hey, what a surprise.

As I have told you repeatedly over the last year or so I think Romney a poor choice for the presidency. The question we are left with is the same question we were left with in the case of bothhave Bushes…. Is the democrat candidate… Obama, in this case… bad enough to make the weak kneed centerist the GOP has coughed up look good?

The numbers currently being touted by the leftist press suggest not. Obviously, you would expect them to say that. It will be interesting to see if those numbers can be turned around. But I wonder at the cost at getting them turned around. How much of the conservative agenda will need to be scrapped to make that happen in the GOP establishment’s eyes?

And in the end of what will conservatism, and for that matter the country, have won?