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GREAT TO BE BACK– Yes, it took a while, but we’re back. I simply got fed up with the antics at the webhost I was using.  Far too much downtime, usually caused by them.  And always without notice. For a while there, I didn’t say very much because I was almost to the timing could deal with these problems in a reasonable amount of time.  But with me taking on my new job as a driver, that’s a little harder to do.  I finally hit the international “enough” line. In the process of backing up my site, I got to talking with my old friend, Art Smith, who runs The Conservative Reader, and he offered me a berth over here.  I’d not have done it,  except that Art had a great point when he suggested this will be great for both of our sites.  He has both the talent and the time to watch over things technical, and he seems to like BitsBlog, and thinks it’ll add to his site.  I hope so.  Meanwhile; there is so much to catch up with I can hardly begin. Here’s a few:

  • GAS PRICES, OBAMA STYLE: Yes, Doug, contrary to your ongoing mantra, the President CAN raise gas prices. In fact, he has done so by several means… including spiking the speculators by spiking the Keystone Pipeline. I see now he’s starting to walk that one back, so he too apparently recognises he brought us higher priced fuel. We’re sitting on more oil than the whole of the middle east. Most of which is made inaccessable by the siera club leftists dictating our “energy” policy. (Hint… Once their boy got in the WH, gas prices went from under two bucks a gallon to around $4/gal.)Put that oil in the sights of the people who drill for it, and the prices go down almost at once. True, the oil won’t be at the gas pump for a few years, but that’s the nature of the Futures markets…. When they see the extra oil coming on the market, the prices come down.About half of the nonsense being generated up on this issue is clearly coming from people who have no idea how the free market really works. Or, that demagogues the issue because they don’t want the free market in place.And gee… that would seem to include our president and his energy secretary. And let’s consider this for a moment; I’m currently paying around $4.40 for a gallon of Diesel. At 300 gallons per tankfull, that’s $1320.00 a tank. And that’s for fuel alone. Now… does anyone think that these prices are not being reflected in the things they buy every day? Welcome, dear friends, to hope and change.
  • Trayvon Marin:  A lot more heat, than light, surrounding thhe shooting the left is screaming about down in Florida…    Look, Gang…  That Zimmerman, the shooter, may be as McPhillips says, Barney Fife on ibogaine, strikes me as a reasonable conclusion to draw, though as yet unproven.  ]That said I can’t help but wonder if there would be so much screaming about this case if the kid were white.The scenario being offered up by the leftist media  just now is right online with the left wing mantra that anyone who believes in law and order is inherently racist. Given that history, it seems reasonable to ask if we’re getting the whole story here. I suspect we are not. Nor, I suppose, will we.What we have here is a minefield. On the one hand we have the race huxters and on the other hand we have the anti second amendment people. Historically neither one of these is been attached to the truth in any great amounts. .  As McPhillips says…

    The way this is going, there will be five hundred lies around the world before the truth can get its pants on. Next up we’ll see Occupy Wall Street signs reading “Justice for Trayvon Martin,” and we’ll hear about it all summer, and then the fall, right into November.

    Think that’s an exaggeration? I don’t. Repeatedly, Zimmerman has been reported to be white. He is not. He is Hispanic, in fact. That point alone suggest that there is at least a certain level of manipulation going on. Which begs the question, manipulation to favor what and whom, precisely? I note with some degree of interest that both the anti-gunners and the race huxters are within the core constituency of the current occupant of the White House.

    Here it is gang, and this is something that we sat in this site many times previously; when the likes of Al Sharpton get involved, that ought to be a red flag that something of the truth is being withheld. Tawana Brawley… Name ring a bell?  What we need here, is less heat and a lot more light.  Given the usual suspects hanging off this thing, we are not likely to get either.

  • The EPA:  Glenn mentions:

    E. DONALD ELLIOTT: The Case For Trimming the EPA. “The EPA, just as large as it ever was, is now on autopilot, churning out rules and regulations without heed to cost or competing values. It spends huge sums chasing the tiniest of risks.”

    Well, that goes directly to what I said about Romney. All while ago Romney made the comment that he wanted to run government as a business. It sounds to to say it that way, but consider that the EPA is emblematic of what happens when government is run as a business.

    Think about it this way; the business of oil companies is to sell oil and to increase their influence in the marketplace, and grow their business. The purpose of computer companies is to sell computers and hopefully increase their influence on the market, and grow their business. And, so on. If we are running government as a business does that mean that our primary task is to grow government? Certainly, the EPA seems to be taking a businesslike approach to the deal. The problem is that after a while you get to the point where you’re reaching diminishing returns . You have so much control that your effectiveness starts to wane. Not only can you not be all places at once, the resentment factor starts taking over. And once the PA laws are in place real businesses tend to falter under the regulatory load. The economy begins to fail . And we have what we have been treated to the last several years… businesses are running away from doing business here in united states, our economy faltering, joblessness skyrocketing, and so on. Certainly, Elliott mixes points well, and they should be heeded. But I suggest that what goes on at the EPA is emblematic for what happens in government, in general. Consider; what can be said about the EPA can also be said about the transportation department. The admirably surnamed Ray LaHood is certainly running the place like a business. growing it like a business. And we’re all paying the cost.

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