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Street Warfare in People’s Republic of Chicago

While our nation black leaders talk race ear and celebutards  hello Spike Lee and Rosie O’Donnell,  practice vigilant justice,  Mayor Rahm Emanuel denizens continue to kill each other, from New York Daily News [1]::

In Chicago, there were three other shootings during Thursday’s stretch of violence, police said.

— Shortly after 5 p.m. Thursday, David Gully [2], 31, was fatally shot in the head across the street from his South Side home, police said. Suspects have been questioned and several weapons have been recovered, police said.

— At about 10:30 p.m. Thursday, four people standing in a parking lot on Chicago’s West Side were wounded when a gunman fired at them from a moving vehicle, police said.

— Two other men were wounded in separate shootings on the South Side — one in the leg and one in the buttocks.

The shootings are part of a larger uptick in violence across the city this year. From Jan. 1 to March 29 of this year, there were 474 shootings, 101 of them fatal, according to the Chicago Police Department. During the same time period last year, there were 346 shootings, 55 fatal.

Keeping getting made of  the late Tayvon Martin, and soon all of Chicago will be murdered.