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Pervert State University

From Fox News [1]:

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. – A psychologist who looked into a 1998 allegation against former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky told police at the time that his behavior fit the profile of a likely pedophile, NBC News reported Saturday.

Yet Sandusky was not criminally charged nor placed on a state registry of suspected child abusers, and prosecutors say he continued assaulting boys for more than a decade until his arrest in November.

Funny, I had been under the apparently mistake impression that the police motto was:  To serve and protect.   Now, I grant that what the police suspect can not necessarily be translated into what a prosecutor can legally establish in open court.   So I will give the State College police on not arresting Sandusky.

However didn’t at least one police officer in State College actually have any children?   Apparently not.   For the motto of  “To Serve,  and To Protect” obviously wasn’t not seen as extending to children.

Sandusky was employed by the state.  Yet was allowed to continue to have apparently allowed to continue to have access to children and to continue to prey on them.   Note to our liberal readers:  Preying is not protected under the First Amendment.

I like to think that some resourceful police officer could have found a way to curtail Sandusky’s access to children    I mean, Sandusky was not in position where he wanted to State College police suspicions to become public knowledge.

Again, would the State College police have shown the same indifference,  or even acceptance of Sandusky’s predatory behavior had he liked little girls rather then boys?