Two conchics but one message.

First from the leggy Tina Korbe: Hot Air:

This really isn’t a hard or complicated issue to understand. A wide variety of factors contribute to the price of gas. The president doesn’t have control over all of them — but he does have significant control over energy policy in the United States and energy policy is one of the factors that contributes to the price of gas. It makes sense, for example, that if oil and natural gas companies have to pay more in regulatory compliance costs, they will price their products to compensate for the increase in regulatory compliance costs.

Second, from the darling of the conservative blogosphere, the incomparable Clarice Feldman, American Thinker:

Do you believe that Presidents can affect the price of gasoline?

Well, sometimes the media thinks that he can and sometimes they think that, even though he can keep the waters from rising and the climate from changing, he can’t. I’m talking, of course, about the disparate treatment the media gave George Bush when gasoline prices spiked to $3.51 per gallon — even though he and Vice President Cheney tried desperately to override Democrat obstruction and increase production by opening ANWR, permitting drilling on the continental shelf, allowing the extraction of oil from tar sands on federal land and slashing red tape on new refinery and pipeline construction. Back then they blamed Bush.

No president, not even an oil man in the White House, can set the price  of oil.   However  the current president hate fossil fuels and lets hs blind hatred over power what little common sense he has.

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