Carlisle, PA– A quick run down from Rochester last night, and I’ll be headed for the Albany tomorrow. From there, likely back to Rochester, but I don’t know yet.


It’s snowed around Rochester Saturday night/Sunday morning,m and we’re looking at somewhat colder temps. Was nearly 60 on Saturday around home. It’s as I tld my wife… we have a January thaw going with no real winter in front of it, this year. Actually, I don’t mind, because I would have had to drive through all that snow that we didn’t get.  But I can’t get over the feeling that nature usually balances are books, and doesn’t give us a whole bunch of warning about the matter.  I’d take note due in predicting this, but we’re going to end up with a wing-dinger a storm … and soon.

  • The Debates vs Reality:After the first couple of debates went by, I began to sense a feeling of total loss on the part of many Americans.Allow me to explain ; we have unquestionably a country which is in debt of record proportions.  In short, we are broke.  There is no question in my mind that this is in fact the largest threat against our country.  Of course the Democrats… the party currently in power, doesn’t want to discuss this. Indeed, they are running away from their disastrous record.Yet, what do we see being discussed in the presidential primary debates of the only party in position to do anything about it?  Homosexual adoption, and other politically correct minutiae. With, of course, the definition of politically correct being defined by the left and it’s house organ the supposed mainstream media.What we have here is a group of individuals attempting to secure the Republican nomination who are seemingly more about playing along with the nonsensical questions that the leftist news media is force feeding them than they are about addressing the real issues that face the nation. On what basis are we to believe that any one of these candidates with the possible exception of Newt Gingrich is going to have the stones, much less the political ability, and determination to stand up to the left leaning establishment once in office?As an example, Believing such things will happen, seems to me about as likely as Romney reversing course on government health care.The last thing any of them want to do, apparently, is offend leftists sensibilities.Gingrich, for his part, seems quite willing on occasion to let those flashes of anger come out, and mop up the floor with the press. Candidly, it is at the moment his most endearing quality as far as I’m concerned. I think it’s time to start offending some leftist sensibilities with a little reality. Unfortunately, with this bunch that doesn’t seem likely.
  • America has been defeated, and the  enemy is us.I’m watching this election season with a somewhat more than jaundiced eye.  The lack of ability of the GOP to come up with any seriously conservative candidates, indeed their unwillingness to do so, in combination with the obvious lean of the Democrats and specifically Obama leads me to a rather startling conclusion;If this bunch is the best we’ve got perhaps we deserve to go down the destructive road that any one of these individuals would lead us.Make no mistake, here. I take no great pleasure in saying this. I simply observe that which is.At the same time, I make no argument that any one of the GOP candidates with a possible exception of Ron Paul wouldn’t be better for the country than is Obama and company. Yet, the differences are marginal ones.I suggest you all that the GOP candidates currently on the stump offer us is a somewhat slower path down the same road. Frankly, I see no salvation from that between now and election day.The thing that really disturbs me about all of this, as it there so many of the electorate who are quite willing to let it happen. Indeed, they seem to be driving these questions, and the apparent lack of concern over our financial well being. I suggest this is the result of years of conditioning. After a while, you get rather used to the idea of that elephant in the room, to the point where you tend to ignore it. Another apt description of this would be the boiled frog syndrome.This country has been leaned left by its media for so long now, since the thirties in fact, that anyone daring to have actual conservative thoughts is deemed an extremist.  The left, is the new center.  We are actually starting to see descriptions in the mainstream media of Obama of being center-left.  When in fact, Obama is undeniably the farthest left POTUS this nation has ever had.  It is that being extreme leftist, that is causing our current problems.  I will guarantee you you’ll never see that in the press of course. Rather, you’ll see them covering his backside, and theirs.   And with this bunch, you never going to see it at the Republican debates, either.   I think tha spells our destruction… and frankly the frustration I see among the electorate suggests they see the same problem I do.
  • As to that destruction…. I see we’re being set up for it by way of a slashed military.  There should be as no surprise to anyone.  Allow me to illustrate; What government program has ever been cut by Democrats, that did not specifically involve defense?  And, yes, you may take that as a challenge.
  • The Result of Liberal policy: Walter Russel Mead posts a must read, today:

    The city of Henry Ford continues on its road to nowhere. Elected officials don’t want to make savage cuts in pay and benefits for some city workers while firing many others — for understandable reasons both political and humane. On the other hand, there isn’t any money and neither the state nor the feds will bail Detroit out.

    Nod to Glenn, who says, correctly:

    And, of course, anyone who wants to seriously address the problem is a racist.

  • Radical Right Question I’ve been hearing the phrase “radical right” much too often these last few days. In response, I will pose a question. Were our founding fathers, moderates? The obvious answer is no, they were radical. They were revolutionaries. King George considered moderates to be his subjects. So, can anyone explain to me the value of being a moderate? I ask, because I seen none.
  • Moderate question II?Why is it that we never hear that the left most moderate its views? It is always the “radical right” that must alter its views. Why is that? Is it because the dominant media is more leftist than they would leave us believe? pick your favorite leftist. Barney Frank. Maxine Waters. Obama. Why is it we never see them being told that they must lean to the center? Here’s a possibility that not many of thought of; it is because there is a serious attempt afoot to relabel the far left as the center.

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