Ulster, NY- Been a hell of a long week. Tomorrow’s the last day I’ll leave here and run to Newburgh, then to Northern NJ to grab some pasta… and head to Rochester with it

  • Huntsman: Huntsman joins the list of those who dropped out….( alongwith Perry, who is a seriously classy act, but shoulda dropped out some time ago.) Already I’m hearing about how Huntsman couldn’t cut it in the GOP race because he wasn’t being hateful enough. Wouldn’t call Obama what he is… a grade one socialist. Two things strike me about this; First, that Romney wouldn’t either… and he was until recently running away with the thing. Funny how they don’t even attempt to explain that one.  The other thing that strike me here is that the timing is suggestive that Romney’s people got to him and are dangling the prospect of Vice President in his face.  If I’m correct about that, it’s the ultimate slap in the face to the GOP rank and file and will ensure a GOP loss.
  • Oh… and About Romney…  After touting a win in Iowa….. turns out he lost to Santorum.
  • Gingrich: Newt’s picking up support from those who dropped out. Romney, who was mere days ago being touted as the nominee, is now at serious risk as the UnRomney is revealed…. and it looks like Gingrich is the one.  Newt’s a point and a half back in the polling numbers. Remember, Gang…. at no point has Romney ever gotten over 25% in the polling…  except in New Hampshire… which Romney threw everything he had at. In case I need to spell this out for you, 75% of the party wants Romney nowhere near the White House. Those numbers are starting to gel, now around the survivor…. Gingrich. Watch for the press attacks to start up on Gringrich… including yes, sexual innuendos. His response at the Debates tonight on THAT topic was spot on. He came out kicking ass and not worrying about the names. Good for him, and good for us.
  • Ron Paul:  … is still an inexcusable moron. His still being in the race only goes to prove how far people are willing to go to eliminate the liberal death grip on this nation. He has no chance at all of winning. Thank God.

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