From Dan Murphy, Christian Science Monitor:

Though tensions have continued to rise, with Iran sentencing Iranian-American Amir Mirzaei Hekmati to death yesterday for allegedly spying (his family says he returned to Iran to visit his grandmother) and new US sanctions on Iran’s central bank, two peaceful opportunities to underscore the US naval reach in the region literally fell into America’s lap.

Last week, the Navy destroyer USS Kidd swept in and rescued 13 Iranian fishermen who’d been held hostage on their small boat by Somali pirates for over a month. The fishermen, who’d been through a “horrific” ordeal according to one of their American rescuers, were given food, medical treatment, and enough fuel to steam homeIf

Iran has kidnapped yet another American tourist and dutifully awaits it next ransom payment.   Meanwhile back at the ranch, the US Navy has rescued more Iranian sailors from pirates.

Note Iran is rattling anchor chains in an attempt to cow the US Navy, but they can’t even intimidate a modern day pirate,  who are not known for being the modern day incarnation of William Kidd

Rather than futile good will gestures on the part of the Obami,  and instead of yet another ransom for an Ameican tourest, I suggest the the Navy detain all future Iranian sailors as spies.   It is a plan.  It works for me.    What say you?

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