If being voluntarily associated  with a racist  is bad for one politician, it should not be good for another,  yet,, Roger Simon, PJ Media:

That inability to select even marginally acceptable (non-racist) employees and colleagues should, on the face of it, disqualify Paul as a candidate for president of the United States. Can you imagine such a myopic individual, such a poor judge of character, choosing justices for the Supreme Court, not to mention myriad other important positions?

But that’s giving Paul the best of it. Occam’s Razor tells us Paul knew perfectly well the kind of tripe his minions were writing (if he didn’t write it himself), just as Barack Obama — despite his protestations — knew perfectly well the kind of bilge that Jeremiah Wright was spewing. In fact, they went along with it for much the same reason — political expediency — although Paul arguably believed the despicable remarks in his newsletters more than Obama ever believed Wright’s excrescences. After all, Paul’s writings (including solicitation letters) went out under his own name.

More, Shikha Dalmia, Reason;

Or it can demand accountability from Paul. This might mean that Paul would have to give a major speech—a la Obama’s Jeremiah Wright address—taking head on all the questions swirling around him. Such a speech must begin with a mea culpa that goes beyond “I disavow them (the newsletters).” Paul has to take responsibility for them. He has to admit that he and his organization took a seriously misguided intellectual/political turn two decades ago. However, in his heart or hearts, he remained uncomfortable with the figures and forces that he allowed himself to become allied with. Both in their substance and spirit they were, are and will always remain counter to everything he—and libertarianism— stands for. He needs to argue how his philosophy of the dignity and rights of every individual informs his pro-liberty and anti-war agenda, which, at its core, rejects every form of soft or hard racism and other ugly collectivisms

Barrack Obama neither wrote nor delivered Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s hate filled sermons, but Obama owns theme, because he had a chance to walk out Wright’s church for twenty years, but refused to do so.    A mind so warped by racism  as to belief that Jeremiah Wright was a fitting reverend for your family, might also believe that Eric Holder was fit to serve as America’s Attorney General.

Likewise, Paul, may not have written the newsletter which were published under his name, but he never repudiated the newsletter at the time. In other words, both Obama and Paul courted and accepted the supported of avowed racists when they thought it convenient to advance there political careers. Surely the experience of having one racist hate monger in the White House is more that sufficient reason not to put a second such hate merchant in the Oval Office.

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