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The Ramble 12/13/11- Indianapolis, IN… Beck, Leftie Love, Etc

Indianapolis, IN–I’m still at Indy.


At Indianapolis this morning, all ready to go, and looking good.

When I got done writing yesterday’s Ramble, I did my usual pre-trip inspection of my truck and found that I had oil coming from one wheel seal. This is a possibly dangerous situation, with fire or possibly a lack of braking power being the upshot. At the very least it would fail a DOT inspection. So I had to get the thing fixed. Took most of te day to get the thing in. Turned out to be a 79 cent gasket. For this, I lost a full day… some 500 miles of driving. Annoying, but that’s the nature of this game.  Since I had oil down the side of the truck and on the wheel particularly, I washed the truck. I’m glad I did because the combo of my truck and the new trailer I just picked up, looks super….. (grin) Today I’m grabbing a load here in Indy, and I’m off to Williamson, NY, to arrive there sometime tomorrow.