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The Ramble: 12-9-11

Sloatsbburg, NY–  I’m making the last 500 or so miles today, of a week that’s seen me crossing a dozen or more state lines, and running nearly 3000 miles, from the midwest to New Jersey. A productive week.  I also managed to get my internet connectivity working, finally.

[1]The snow has started.  This pic was taken on I-81 yesterday morning, just outside Scranton, PA. I usually worry about such matters, snow does make driving more of a challenge… but what the bleep… it’s December.

The real issue is that the snow started so late this year, I worry we’re gonna get clobbered the rest of the season. Just as there’s a balance in the world that for every human progress, there is an Al Gore, Nature has a way of balancing the books that usually disregards the people such balances affect.