Sloatsbburg, NY–  I’m making the last 500 or so miles today, of a week that’s seen me crossing a dozen or more state lines, and running nearly 3000 miles, from the midwest to New Jersey. A productive week.  I also managed to get my internet connectivity working, finally.

The snow has started.  This pic was taken on I-81 yesterday morning, just outside Scranton, PA. I usually worry about such matters, snow does make driving more of a challenge… but what the bleep… it’s December.

The real issue is that the snow started so late this year, I worry we’re gonna get clobbered the rest of the season. Just as there’s a balance in the world that for every human progress, there is an Al Gore, Nature has a way of balancing the books that usually disregards the people such balances affect.

  • The case is made: When even Leftists start saying that Kagan should recuse herself.… maybe it’s time for the rest of us to demand it.  Look, Segall is a moron…. there’s no way this Obamacare is constitutional…  but when even he says the set up with Kagan smells, you know it’s undeniable.
  • Landfill?  I want the unspeakable bastard responsible for this buried…. alive… in the same landfill.
  • Permanent Vacation? From my older boy, Matt:

    Obama recently said he’d be staying back in Washington, postponing his vacation, to make sure the payroll tax cuts go through… Not like it makes a difference; he could be in the White House, in Hawaii, in Kenya (where, BTW he was born) or on Mars; he’d still be just as ineffective and as useless… And then sure as shootin’ he’d blame Republicans for all of it…

    Oh, of course. But let’s remember why his mind was changed.  Even when not added to the vacations he’s already taken at our expense, this thing paints a picture of a grade one elitist… an uncomfortable position to be in when trying to run as a friends of the “little people”. And let’s recall, please that Obama is trying to tie the tax cut to the keystone pipeline. I swear that man is doing everything he possibly can to kneecap our economy, and thereby our country.

  • Cut the income tax rate: Pinkerton has a good article in the WaTi you need to read. It’s my take that no matter who beats Obama will take his advice. Along with other tax cuts, of course.
  • Tom Hanks, you’re a bleeding idiot. That is all. 
  • Mumia will escape justice: That he won’t fry is an injustice of incalculable depth.
  • Gingrich? Yeah, maybe. I’m thinking about it.  That we’re down to this tells me just how out of touch with the rank and file the GOP leadership is, though. I’ll be writing on this over the weekend.

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