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The Ramble for 12-12-11

Indianapolis, Indiana--.. As this is written, I am in Indianapolis for the third week in a row.  They’ve got me picking up new trailers out here and ferrying them back to Rochester… an effort to upgrade the entire fleet of trailers that we have.  These that I’ve been bringing back are pretty good shape and will make a nice addition.  Last week ran a little over 3000 miles, the week before that ran a little under 3000 miles.  In the trucking business, if you’re a single driver as opposed to a team driver, 3000 miles is as good as you usually get during the week.  Normally I get around 2500.  Since I get paid by the mile, you can pretty much figure out why I’m happy about the additional miles.

On Friday of last week I finally got the hotspot working on my mobile phone, which basically is how I tie to the Internet through my laptop.  You can understand that I felt kind of cut off by this malfunction.  It’s good to have it back.