There is no more cherished liberal myth than the belief that one in ten Americans are homosexual, all based on an incompetent researcher and gross misrepresentation of his published findings, from an apparently upset Alan Colmes:

Michele Bachmann Calls The Kinsey Report A “Myth”

When Kathy Schnell met the Bachmanns in Iowa she remarked that 10% of the population is gay. Bachmann discounted that as being a “myth” from the Kinsey Report.

From Jim Burroway, Box Turtle Bulletin:

And indeed, the size of Kinsey’s dataset was massive. But size doesn’t guarantee proportional representativeness. Gebhard & Johnson likened Kinsey’s approach to the brand new field of sex research to that of a “lunar astronaut,” starting with the most basic techniques, observing the result, and making modifications as he saw fit. If he felt that a group was undersampled, then he would simply find more people of that group to interview.

Drs. Gebhard & Johnson called this technique “quota sampling accompanied by opportunistic collection,”16 which they described this way: if, for example, Kinsey determined that there were too few never-married females over the age of thirty-five, he might correct this problem by interviewing female teachers at their schools, which might then open opportunities for finding additional subjects at PTA conferences and Sunday Schools. And with these subsequent interviews, he might find more opportunities to interview never-married females over thirty-five, while simultaneously adding other people into his interviewing dragnet along the way and enlarging other demographic categories in the process.

As Kinsey’s survey population was neither random nor representative of the general population, and Kinsey was not competent to conduct a random survey, his reported results can not be said to reflect the general population.   Congratulations to Representative Bachmann for being brave enough to speak the truth.

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