Now suppose, just suppose, I claimed to have had a long affair with Chelsea Clinton. Perish the thought. However, on the basis of the claim would Tina Brown consider me fit to offer my opinion on Clinton’s baggage, as a television reporterette:

Now  put the shoe on the other foot Neo-Neocon asks:

But this Daily Beast interview with Ginger White seduced me (as it were) into reading more, and then writing more. It’s a cautionary tale of—well, of something, or perhaps many things, although I’m not entirely sure what they all are.

Mostly it’s the fact that a person can spout off to the press these days (the Daily Beast is operated by Tina Brown and owned by Newsweek) and say virtually anything without proof, and it will all be printed as long as it’s about a person the MSM wishes to eliminate. One would think that Cain had been destroyed enough already, but apparently the Beast desires to humiliate him still further by publishing White’s criticism of his wife’s self-denial, White’s speculation that he had many mistresses besides her, and, in perhaps the unkindest cut of all, White’s lack of sexual interest in Cain (she alleges she thought about grocery lists during sex).

According to Tina Brown et al Heman Cain having an affair with an admitted slut, to wit Ginger White,  disqualifies Cain from the presidency,   If  that is the case, then how does the act of being a slut render White a legitimate critic of  presidential candidates>   If sleeping with a slut renders a person unfit to be president, it also renders the slut unfit to present themselves as a  judge of presidential candidates.

With Brown, you don’t expect much, and Brown does not deliver much.

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