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Footing the Bill for the Occutards

Where ever the Occutads go they create a mess and leave to others to clean it up.   The mayor of DC wants you to foot the bill, from Politico, via Karen, Lonely Conservative [1]:

D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray is planning to ask the federal government to reimburse the city for costs related to the Occupy protests.

Gray on Thursday told NewsChannel 8 that the protesters in McPherson Square and Freedom Plaza have cost the city $1.6 million since October. He says the city has a budget for protests but doesn’t have “this kind of money.”

[2]Reax, Karen:

I have an idea – the cities that have incurred costs to police and clean up after these filthy encampments should send the Occupiers the bills. They’ve collected plenty of donations, and they always seem to have a steady stream of rich donors to keep them in business, so they should be able to afford it.

I have a better idea. The Occutards are agents of the Obama campaign, Organizing for America, send the bill to Obama’s campaign. The Occutard repreent the Obama campaign and not the public.