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Eric Holder: Reprobate

Karen asks,  from the Lonely Conservative [1]:

Just off the top of my head I can think of a few reasons [Erick] Holder should resign. The biggest is the reckless¬†Operation Fast and Furious [2] that resulted in the death of Border Agent Brian Terry, and who knows how many others. Then there was the dropped case against the New Black Panthers [3] for voter intimidation. Speaking of voters, he’s now making a concerted effort to help Democrats engage in voter fraud [4]. What have I forgotten?

I have one:


Gee... looks to ME like he was taken at the point of a gun...

This is a child, Elian Gonzalez, being kidnapped at the point machine gun under the color of authority. Was the JBT (Jack Booted Thug) going to shoot Eliam if he resisted: