The worst attorney general in American history, the  reprobate Eric Holder, continues  to try to divert attention from Fast and Furious, from Tim Mak, Politico:

The number of officers killed in the line of duty jumped 13 percent in 2011 compared with the year before — and U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder condemned the increase as “a devastating and unacceptable trend” that he blamed on illegal firearms.

The number of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty rose to 173 this year, from 153 in 2010, the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund announced Wednesday. This year’s figure is 23 percent higher than 122 killed in the line of duty in 2009.

Hat tip and reax:  Bob Owens

The 300-plus Mexican nations that have died as a result of Operation Fast and Furious don’t seem to matter at all to Attorney General Holder, who only seems to care that Brian Terry’s inconvenient death at the hands of an FBI-informant led rip crew has become a political and criminal liability

I don’t mean to pay light to the death of any law enforcement officer, how law enforcement was, is and will continue to be a dangerous line of work.     According to FBI statistics most LEO’s killed in the line of duty have due to accidents

If one hundred seventy three deaths are a problem,  why is Holder so silent on  the more than three hundred  death caused by the weapons he directed allowed to sent into Mexico?    I can’t find any 2011 statistics, but murder by firearm. legal or otherwise,  is only a partial contributor to line of duty deaths, and not as  Holder seems disparate to imply the sole cause.

Addendum:  More reax, Bruce McQusin, Questions and Observations:

Additionally, I’m sure the Mexican law enforcement officers killed by the guns Holder’s department allowed to flow into their country find this concern of his particularly hollow. Why it could even be considered … wait for it … racist. I just throw that out there as an example of what some GOP AG would have been hit with by the left had he or she been so stupid as to run an operation like Fast and Furious.

Timothy McVeigh only murdered what one hundred seventy-three men, women and children and we strapped McVeigh to a gurney.   Of course Holder’s fate should first be decided by the sovereign state of Mexico., on whom Holder waged war.

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