Can anyone explain what differences there are between Bermie Madoff and John Corzine, that would account for the differences in the press coverage they are each getting?

Addendum:  (DavidL)

Eric, the difference between Bernie and JC (Jon Corzine) is that the former is a competent crook.   Bernie knows where the money went.   JC  does not have the first clue,  from Ed Morrissey, Hot Air:

Jon Corzine goes to Capitol Hill today to answer questions about the disappearance of as much as $1.2 billion in the collapse of MF Global under his leadership. The former Democratic governor of New Jersey and current fundraising bundler for Barack Obama might not have too much to say to the House Agriculture Committee. In his opening statement, he plans to tell investigators that he had no idea that customer money had been raided to float the company’s bets on risky European sovereign debt — and then will apparently invoke the Fifth Amendment the rest of the day:

About the only thing the ‘rats know about economics is that it  is  hard.

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One Response to “Differences”

  1. There is much to be said for that line of thinking, David. I cant help but wonder, though…. if he knows, and he’s simply covering for the regime.