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Pretty in Pink, Not

[1]PIAPS, a/k/a Mrs. B.J. Clinton evidently wants to do for the Clinton administration, what she did for the Cold War, from Karen, the Lonely Conservative [2]:

Two Democrat pollsters, Doug Schoen and Pat Caddell, have a piece in The Wall Street Journal [3] urging President Obama to abandon his campaign for a second term. They argue that the nasty campaign will make it impossible for him to govern. (Not that he’s very interested in governing, I might add.) I probably don’t have to tell you who they believe should run in his place

What Mrs. Clinton and her ham handed diplomacy did was re “reset” the Cold War. Now Mrs. Clinton wants to reset the Clinton administration, from Carl in Jerusalem, Israel Matzav [4]:

In the ‘bad old’ days of George W. Bush (and for that matter, Bill Clinton), the United States was the World’s sole superpower. Now, President Obama has ‘re-set’ relations with Russia and they’re back in picture stirring up trouble just like the old Soviet Union.

What could go wrong?

In the hands of Mrs. Clinton, plenty.